Thursday, November 29, 2007

I Saw Mookie on T.V.

I was watching t.v. last night and I saw Mookie in a Movie. Not sure if it is the right Mookie though.

What can I say, I got as lucky as I could and still didn’t cash in the Mookie. I bubbled the stupid thing after being 2nd in chips late and during the horrendously long bubble period.

I spun my wheels early with little or nothing for cards until the deck hit me in the face. In a battle of the blinds vs. Joe Speaker, I limped from the sb with 53 and saw a flop of 55K. Now I have to check this and hope he has a K and bets it out but he checks. The turn is a 2 and I check again in hopes he’ll take a stab but he checks again. I hit the quad 5s on the river and make a pot size bet and he fold what he said was 74. So quads don’t pay. The next hand I limp from the button with QT of hearts after a limper and four of us see a flop of QKK. It checks around and the turn shows a 3rd K. Hoy makes a 2/3 bet and I slow call figuring I am ahead but really want to see what he does on the river. He checks the 5 on the river and I take the smallish pot after he folds to my bet.

At this point, I had my starting stack back but start to bleed a little with missed flops and blinds. Then I have the first of my luck box hands. I’m dealt JJ UTG and limp. Hoy is the SB and had just doubled to 1380 chips and I felt he might raise if he had a little something so I was ready to check raise him back…or anyone else for that matter. It folds to him and he bumps it to 320. I tank for a bit and make it 880 and he pushes. I have to call and he shows KK. The flop gave me quads and he ended another Mookie with a bad beat. In reality, even if I only call pre-flop I will probably still stack him with his kings. Unlucky for him. From there I had a re-steals with AK and made a huge semi bluff with 52 suited in clubs. The flop was 7s 4c 3h and I’m sitting with a great chance to double up. I check, wanting a cheap turn card, and have to call a 450 bet from Joe Speaker. I figure I have 8 outs so I have odds to call. The turn is the Qc so I check. Joe fires 1K into the 1500 chip pot and I come over the top with my 15 outs and he folds. This was very big for me.

At this point I stagnated. I think I folded 20 hands in a row and I lost about 25% of the chips I had acquired. People had been raising my blinds because I wasn’t defending so when I get AT in the BB. This isn’t a great hand but I felt oppressed for some reason and re-popped a bet and committing my self to the pot with a weakfish hand. He had QQ but I hit an ace to suckout big time.

Sitting at just under 10K I held my ground until I tried a re-steal and had to let it go and got knocked down to 5K. A little later I made a move with A9 and got called by AQ only to see me hit a straight and move back to 10K. I then doubled an orbit later when I catch aces that hold up. Now at 17K, I have a great chance to go deep and we are already deep. I hit TT and knocked out Kat and her AK to move to 30K but that was the beginning of the end. I maintained my stack for much of the rest of my time but lost some when I took a stab at a pot. The battle at the bubble was crazy. It lasted for ever and I took another shot with KQ suited. It was folded to me and I raise to 4800 and sellthekids pushes. I figured this may be a pocket pair of the medium size but I eventually folded because I didn’t want the coin flip. I then get nothing until it is folded to me in the SB and I push with A2 suited and get called by 99. I hit trip 2s but my opponent hits the 4 flush to knock me out on the bubble. Looking back, I was lucky to get this far but I think I should have taken my chances with the KQ hand.

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