Friday, November 16, 2007

Play the KORD Tonight and Other Stuff

Ok folks…It is Friday so come out and play the KORD tonight. It can be found in the private tournament section on Full Tilt and it kicks off at 9:15 central time. This version is called NightRanger’s Revenge as he won the last one of these a month ago. The password is pokere and the cost is a minuscule $5+.50. I have even thrown in a little extra because I can so I hope to see you there. As Last time I will put up a little banner to show the winner.

Wednesday night I was having connection problems and kept having lag issue while playing. So, yesterday morning I wake up and realize that the phone is out and I have no internet. I have Mrs. PE call Comcast figuring they will have every thing all better by the time I got home last night. Nothing was fixed so placed another call and they will now be coming some time between noon and 4:00. Nice time window. Anyway, everything seems to be working today so now I have to call them back and cancel so they don’t have to make an unnecessary trip.

Last night I had a ton of things to do. I went to parent/teacher conferences for two of the kids and then had to go to a meeting at church. Luckily we didn’t have a quorum so the meeting was done quickly. Anyway, when I got home I grabbed a bite to eat and opened my laptop to do some stuff. I knew we didn’t have internet but a funny thing happened. I checked the available networks and saw that one of my neighbors doesn’t have his network locked. Is it stealing if I jump onto his network if I want to go surf the net?

Finally, don’t forget to play the Kat’s Donkament at 8:00 central. It is a $1 rebuy that gets about 25 players and will have a prize pool into the $200 + range before it is over. Go to Full Tilt and play this tourney to get your fill of rebuy madness. The password is donkarama.

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Instant Tragedy: Just Add Water said...

I may be home too late for the Donkarama BUT I can't miss the KORD.

Seriously I increased my bankroll 10% yesterday by just following the 3 Rules of Razz by the Original KORD, YOU!

Keep kicking ass!