Monday, November 26, 2007

The Frustrated Blogger

The excitement that is Thanksgiving is over and as we move into the season of advent I can't help but wonder how I'm going to pay for Christmas this year. It wasn't so bad when the kids were younger. We could get them lots a small presents that didn't cost much but now that two of them are older, that little trick doesn't work like it did before. I'm thinking of giving "get out of jail free cards" to the older two because it would be free for the most part and would allow them to do something wrong without any repercussion. Lord Knows I would have liked that when I was younger but I don't think it is the right thing for them at this time. I'll save those for when the get a bit older. In the end I think we will get by like we always do, that is MR. and Mrs. PE getting very little so the kids get what they want.

I'm still frustrated by my recent run in poker. I did final table the tourney the other night but variance is frustrating me right now as I continue to get beat by three outers and running cards. I fine example could be found in the 2K razz last night as I had great starting cards. Here is what I'm talking about.

[4d 6s] [7s]
First hand and all fold to my bet.
[5s 7s 2c 4h Ah] [6h]
4th hand and I'm off to a good start
[7c 2d 3s] [Qd]
2 Other players are in the hand and have hands that appear to be ahead so I fold
[6h 2c 3h Ad Th Kd] [Qh]
Dude made an 8 on 7th street but had a made King on 6th
6h 5d 7s Jh] [9c]
In vs. 2 players and had to fold at this point
[Ah 6d 3h 7c 2h 6h] [Js]
I lose with this when my opponent hits a 6 on 7th street
[3d 5d] [Ac]
This was no good vs. a jack and a king.
[6h 2h 7h 4h] [8c]
And finally, this hand lost to a when my opponent hit either a 2, 3, or 4 on 7th street

The frustrating part of this is that I could have been a chip leader if 3 of these hands hold up. The story of my life right now.

I did cash in the Sunday NLO h/l tourney that Full Tilt runs. This is the same tourney I won a few months ago and I felt mostly on my game. I had an ill timed play when me and another player tripled up the shorty on the bubble and split the remaining pot when a flush hit on the river killing my straight and only giving me the low. If I win that hand I would have final tabled for sure. Anyway, I also bubbled in the PLO deepstack so but got crippled when my AAKJ double sooted was no match for 7238. How a guy can call off all his chips with a hand like that just floors me. He hit running 8s on the turn and the river to kill me.

Well thats enough about the crap I've been going through. I'll try to keep my sob stories to a minimum in the future.


Instant Tragedy: Just Add Water said...

What I do even for my little kids is rather than spoil them silly with toys they may or may not need is GIFT Cards.

Shelby is getting gift cards for :
McDonalds - Her favorite place to treat herself
ToysRus - DUH
Barnes and Noble - She's 8 but she loves to read.

Ryan is getting similar cards with places like "The Nascar Store" that he likes.

Thus you don't feel like you are getting them nothing and they start to learn fiscal responsibility.

Shelby and Ryan are given $ for doing chores etc and they can spend it any way they want like when we went to Main Event. But once the money is gone... NO MORE. Even at 8 and 5 they are slowly becoming more conscious of choices they have to make.

Good Luck!

jusdealem said...

I can relate to both the poker and Christmas frustrations. :(

While I like IT's gift card idea, I don't think that would fly around here...also, if I gave mine a free get out of jail free card, it would more than likely include an actual jail and that's no good either. LOL