Thursday, November 15, 2007

I Felt Like Hell in a Hand-Basket...Friday is the KORD

Yesterday was a day from hell. It was audit time and I always stress out over these things even though I’ve been through it a million times. Anyway, we got through with no issues and I realized on the way home that these stupid audits knock the crap out of me. But I felt refreshed and ready to go.

When I got home I had dinner and sat down in my chair to watch a little TV. The walls came tumbling down as I could hardly keep my eyes open and eventually took a power nap. When I returned from my comatose state I fired up the laptop to see what was going on and made the decision to play the nightly Razz tourney I play all the time. The deck hit me in the face early as I chipped up and held the tournament lead at the first break by about 2K chips. The 2nd hour was much worse as I got little to play with and didn’t get involved in many hands. As the bubble approached I was 10 of 13 and bricking every good starting hand. But then I had three cards under an 8 with a limper holding a 10 up so I complete and the Q who brought in calls as well as the 10. Now this is a great chance for me to maybe even triple up with 2 super donks calling with hands that have to be behind. At this point I have 4K chips left and when the 4th street comes and I’m ahead, I re-raise the donk who bet with his 10 and get called by both players. Now one guy had a Q and the other has a T. I have a 9 but I am ahead and I know I have to bet when I’m ahead. Next card gives me the made 9 and I bet out…the queen puts me in and the 10 folds. Super donk is drawing to a 9 but my hand holds up and I move up to 13K. I hang around trying to find pots to win and made the final table ending the night in 4th place.

Best part about making that final table was that I had no intentions of playing last night. It was a little win and some rebuilding of the PE poker machine.

I also played the dookie but turbo razz is the nutz and I guess I didn’t have mine…but jusdealem did. Well played.

Don’t forget to come out and play the KORD on Friday.

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jusdealem said...

Nice job on the 4th place.

Turbo Razz is the nuts, indeed! :)