Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Getting Better and Being Tagged

Speedy E. made it through her flu or whatever it was so hopefully it stays contained with her. Softball E. was complaining about not feeling well but I think she just wanted to stay home from school. Anyway, they may not have to worry about going to school for a while because the teachers are getting ready to go on strike because they are under paid and the superintendent makes about 250K a year. They funny thing about them going on strike is that they school board has made an offer to raise there pay 18% over the next 3 years and they are saying that it isn't enough. I'll take that in a minute.

Another interesting thing going on in the Chicago land area is an apparent surge in MRSA staph infections. School children from pre-school through high school from around the area have been reported to be catching this very nasty bug. But rest assured that everything is ok because the Chicago Health Department says that people are just becoming more aware of these cases. That the numbers aren't statistically higher than normal.

I was tagged but I just put out a list of 7 things so do I come up with another list or re-post the old one?

1) I hate the sound of my dog and cat licking when I'm trying to go to sleep.

2) I have no problem with people who drive the speed limit but don't go slower.

3) It drives me nuts when people tailgate.

4) Mrs. PE is a great cook and in the almost 15 years we have been married she has only made two things that I didn't like.

5) I almost never get 8 hours of sleep...or 7.

6) I think the best part about Thanksgiving is taking a nap after dinner while watching football.

7) Old western movies like Hang'em High are the nutz.

That is 7 things. No passing it along sorry.

I watched the MATH last night. I liked the 6-handed tables and action that came with it. It makes people play a little more post flop poker with less than premium hands and so I think that this was a nice change.


jusdealem said...

My son came home from school last week and told me the same thing, that staph infections are going around here. So, now all the kids are freaked out, especially after they told them it looks like a pimple at first. Now every new zit is OMG, Mom, is it staph??? Crazy.

ckbluffer said...

PE-I really think you misunderstood what I was trying to get to in my last post. I hold no ill feelings toward you at all. I hope you understand that it was just my attempt to understand why I got so ranty in the first place. I honestly think that the subsequent "conversation" that we had immediately after your post cleared it all up. And I appreciate that. I am looking forward to meeting you in Vegas and having a shot together!

Instant Tragedy: Just Add Water said...

I love 6 handed. You get to play more hands and get to be a little more aggressive. Since my aggression levle is LOWWW according to PT , I think I'm going to have MIX the game up in Vegas.