Monday, March 13, 2006

Weekend Rambles

Friday night was the only time I spent grinding this weekend. Not much to say other then I was down early but got on a rush late and ended the evening up around $3.00. I guess if you look at the 5% gain in my bankroll then it was a good night but I continue to lack focus early on. You would think that I would learn from my mistakes but that doesn’t seem to be happening. In reality, I think some of the early difficulty I went through was bad luck as my pocket kings were counterfeited on the river by an ace with two chasers to the end. This seems to be the norm lately but all I can do is keep putting my money in with the best hand.

The hand that got me over the hump for the night was KQ in the BB. I was play .25-.50 LHE and called one early position raiser with 5 callers. The flop comes down KKQ. Talk about getting hit in the face with the deck. I check, UTG bets and the button raises with all others calling. The turn is an ace and I’m happy. I check but get to 3-bet and have three left in the hand. A queen on the river kills all thought of taking all of this big pot is it is capped. UTG flips over K9 for a split pot. I was still happy with the outcome.

In other news, I decided to give the money back to my buddy who was going to stake me. I felt that I would change my focus from the original goals I had developed and abandon the $5-$3000 challenge. It would be nice to have a working bankroll but the whole purpose of this exercise was to achieve something that would take persistence and conviction to be successful.

Around the horn is the World Baseball Classic. The unadulterated travesty that occurred during the U.S. vs. Japan game is comical in that they want all of the best players to play but are not using MLB umpires to officiate the games. Why not insist on the best umpires? And how can the wrong umpire make a call and then have his call reversed only to have the reversed call questioned by replay? I’m glad I’m not an umpire.

Anyway, the 12U girls Fastpitch travel team I’m coaching is coming along well. We had practice outside on Saturday, which really help with evaluation of the players. There is only so much you can do in a gym and I know that they were getting tired of repeating the same drills over and over. In the end we had a good time and I feel we can field a competitive team.

Poker may be slow this week as I have many other obligations to attend to but with luck I may get some work in tonight.

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