Monday, March 13, 2006

Vocabulary Words

The hardest thing for me right now is being patient. In this world of instant gratification it is easy to look for the quick hit that will put you over the top. With the long haul in front of me I find that I’m looking for quick score instead of waiting for my opportunities. If I continue to act in this illogical way then my quest will end soon after it began.

Some of the things I discuss with my ball players are perseverance, persistence, and conviction. Now I realize that they are a bunch of 12-year old girls but I think that instilling a strong work ethic is crucial to their success as ball players as well as their success in life. I read someplace that 90% of the managers in fortune 500 companies played organized sports during their school years. Does this prove anything? I think it could show a correlation between teamwork on the field and teamwork in the office. Additionally, I think you may also find that some of your best managers were not the star players but the players on the end of the bench who understand what it is like to play a specific role on the path to success.

With all this in mind I think I need to take so of my own words of wisdom. To start with, I need to stay with the conviction that my goals are achievable over time. I also need to be persistent with the effort that I employee to attain these goals. And finally, I need to persevere over the obstacles that will continually be thrown in my path. In the end, the guiding light of these vocabulary words should see me to a successful finish.

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