Monday, March 06, 2006

Life Can be Good

Sometimes your weekend goes as expected while others are like this one. It started off well on Friday with some movie watching with the family and another movie with my wife after the kids went to bed. Bambi 2 was about what I expected and entertainment value for the kids. The wife and I watched Doom. It kept me interested, as it was full of mind numbing action but didn’t have a lot of depth. I guess depth in a movie might be asking too much if The Rock has a major roll in said movie.

All of the regular Saturday stuff went just fine. The only problem was our babysitter illness and thus we couldn’t go out Saturday night. It’s really to bad because we were meeting a bunch of my former co-workers for a night of head banging and drinking. Would have been fun.

Sunday was just like any other Sunday with the exception of the Oscars. Now I realize that many people do care about award shows but I wait all year for the Oscars. What man wouldn’t want to see all these women dressed in cleavage and long legs … err…. expensive dresses and fine jewelry? Enough said.

Poker was good! Really good! After all was said and done I raised my bankroll to almost 52 dollars.

Friday night was a grind. The cards were lukewarm at best and the chasers were calling down their two outers all night. I ended up the 4-hour session at about 24 bucks.

Saturday was good. It started out with a $1+. 10 re-buy at 6AM. I played well but could get over the hump. I was bust near the bubble when my TPTK got rivered by a gut shot. I’m happy with how I played and I’m sure I could have cashed if I wait for the bubble to burst but I was looking for a bigger payday. Now what do I do. Lets play a 3+. 30 freeze out. 308 of the finest players Noble Poker can find at 8AM central time. 3 ½ hours later I get knocked out in 7th place for a 25-dollar cash. This was about as good a tourney as I can play. After the third round I was in the top 10 in chips and continued my climb to the chip lead for much of the time. The keys were that my advantages held up and that nobody wanted to challenge the chip leaders. I put pressure on the medium stacks and challenged the shorties when I had a hand. The final table saw me with twice as many chips as the second play player with seven left. That’s when the walls came tumbling down. Blinds are 4000/8000. I have 81,000 and the villain has about 35,000. I get JJ UTG and raise to 24,000 and get called by the button. Flop is 953 rainbow. I bet to put villain all in and he calls showing A9. River ace and I’m down to 46,000. A few hands later I’m down to 34,000 and blinds are 5000/10000. Villain is still on a roll as he has gotten AA and just showed KK. I get KdQd and push. Villain calls and flips over KK again. IGHN. The sad part about getting knocked is that I could have avoided the hand that killed me but with the fast structure I had to make a move to regain my position. My M was 2 so I hade to push with any face card and was rewarded with a good cards only to be beat by a better cards. The best part was that I didn’t suck out at any point and got away from big hands a few times. I folded pocket aces on the turn when I felt I was behind. Winner had trip 3’s. I also made a good lay down when tossed my boat on the turn with a board showing 10d 9d 10c 8d. I had 109s. He had QdJd for a strait flush. That hand would have crippled me.

Later that night I played a little .05-.10 LH and found a pond full of pan fish. I didn’t think that people could make the same mistake over and over again but I was proven wrong. Time after time players would call my bets down to the river only to see me flip over the nuts. Granted, the deck was hitting me in the face but did they think I was bluffing? I was just playing a tight aggressive game and pushed when I had a hand. I didn’t play crap cards and I got out of the way when the flop didn’t hit me. I had one lady re-buy three times and she still called me down with second pair. 50-minute session, $5.11 profit. Now if only I can do that at the higher limits.
No playing Sunday because of family time but I hope to continue this run on Monday.

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