Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Lunch Time Fun

I played two 6-player sngs during my visit home taking 2nd and 1st. In the first game a lunatic went all-in the first three hands to knock out three players. I just waited for chances to exploit his aggressiveness but they never came. He stayed uninvolved with me until we got down to heads up and then continued his attack. He had me 2.5-1 in chips and kept his foot right on my neck. I almost got back to even but was knocked out when his AT beat my pocket kings.

The second game was challenging and if it wasn’t for my luck-box action I would have been knocked out 4th. I get A6 on the big blind and see a flop of A68 two diamonds. I make a pot size bet and all 4 players call. The turn is a diamond and I bet hoping nobody has the flush. Two callers. The river is the beautiful Ace of spades and I check. Player 1 goes all-in. Player 2 goes all-in. I go all in and knock out both players. They each had the flush. I held 90% of the chips and eliminated the last player when I flopped a King high strait flush with my J9 of diamonds. Good times.

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