Thursday, March 30, 2006

Am I an Idiot?

I just came to the realization that I’ve been writing this blog for a month. Now this isn't an amazing occurrence of biblical proportion but it does give me a point of reference for my quest. During my first month of play my bankroll went from $5 to a high of $63 before settling in at $54. I guess if I can increase my bankroll 10 fold every month then I’ll be rich in under a year. In reality I’m pleased with the outcome to that point.

My results so far during my second month are less then stellar. I actually dropped to below $10 during a series of unfortunate events that had me wondering about my ability to play the game. After some time away from the tables I decided to climb back onto the felt again last night. My original plan was to sleep but a bout with insomnia changed my mind. Considering the buy-in amount for .05/.10 NL was my bankroll I put a stop lose of $9.41. That was everything I had left. I could have played the .01/.02 NL or limit tables but I actually felt good about my game so I took the chance. The early part of my session saw me give away a few bets until I was dealt A2 both hearts. I called an early raise of .50 along with one other player. The flop comes A95 with two hearts. First two players check and I bet .90 or a little over half the pot and both call. A 2 on the turn and I bet $1.50 with one caller. At this point I’m almost pot committed and I’m hoping for the heart to appear. I get the heart on the river and the player folds to my bet. From this point I move up and down a little when I’m dealt 9Td. I raise it to .40 and get re-raised to .80. I call the heads up action. A flop of KQJ rainbow gives me the second nut strait. His range of hands at this point do not include AT as he has playa strait forward game to this point. I put him on AK or a pocket pair of 10s-As. I bet $1 and he calls. The turn is x and I check trying to show weakness and he bets $1.50. I check-raise to $3.00and he calls. At this point I’m sure I have the best hand. The only card that scares me is a ten, which will counterfeit my strait. X on the river and I make a bet of half his stack, about $1.50 and he goes all-in. I call and beat his AK. I gave a little back and quit with around $20.

I give credit to
jjok for forecasting this event in one of his comments. That being said, a couple more sessions like this one and I’ll feel better.

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