Wednesday, March 22, 2006

A Fun Night

I finally had a night of success. I spent a couple of hours grinding out a $4 profit on Noble Poker while playing in my first wwdn event on Poker Stars. It was a heads-up event with 24 players and I was lucky enough to get a first round by. My opponent was jjok who ended up getting to the final table (foreshadowing). I took an early lead but he fought back and took charge for a while. I made a mistake at one point trying to push him off a hand and had to fold to a re-raise. At one point he held a 2-1 chip lead but I fought back with some re-raises of my own to get back even. Just before the end I made a bad read and was forced to give up a pot because of my weak play. He hammered my indecision and forced me into submission. On the last hand, he calls from the big blind and I raise 3x with my pocket 7’s and get called. He has a broad range of hands here but has been willing to fold with lesser holding. I put him on ace,x but in retrospect that may have gotten him to fold. The flop comes jack high and gives me an inside strait draw so I push. His K,J was golden and I’m done.

He played well and jumped on my mistake.

Now I realize this is a blog for my quest but I really enjoyed playing in my first wwdn event and hope to do it again soon.

Well I had my all day sales/managers meeting yesterday and I’m really looking forward to the future of my new/old company. The combination of their products and our distribution network should propel us into the future.

No poker tonight but maybe this afternoon. My daughter is home sick and my wife will be gone so I have potential table hours.

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jjok said...

Dude, was a pleasure to play some cards with you last night.

And go Cubs!!!!

See you Thursday?