Friday, March 03, 2006

Better Off Dead

“I want my two dollars!” – Johnny, from the movie Better Off Dead(85)

That’s how I felt last night as I repeatedly got beat by runner runners flushes and gut shots strait draws. Amazingly enough I ended up the night with a $0.14 profit after being down $2. Now I realize that $2 is not a lot of money, but when it represents 10 percent of your bankroll it is quite demoralizing to lose it. Luckily the poker gods relented and allowed me to recover my meager but significant loses.

As far as other things, the wife and I are going out Saturday night. This doesn’t happen often so we are semi charged up. Some band is playing at a restaurant that my former boss owns so we thought we would check it out and eat some great barbeque. In reality, my former boss is a good friend and a fellow poker player who wrote the meaning of the word tight. There is no questioning his involvement in a hand. He also was the one who got me interested in playing online.

Really don’t have much of anything else going on. M and A have a Girl Scout thing. L and I have Softball. B will be hanging out and making us laugh. We have church on Sunday. Maybe 8 hours on the tables.


littleacornman said...

Welcome to poker blogger land!I'll add you to my links and bloglines sub.

Good luck with your $3k challenge.
Keep up the fine work.

Little Acornman

Joe said...

Good luck on your quest to turn 5 into 3000, I hope it works out for you!

I just came across your blog throuh my reading - looks like you have a good start.

My deepest sympathies on being a Cub fan; if you ever want to come over to the real winner's side, us Cardinal fans will welcome you any time!

Good luck at the tables.