Thursday, March 16, 2006

New Revelations?

Well at least I know that some people are reading my daily refuse. I’ve had a couple of comments regarding good luck and a referral to a site that list the daily tournaments that take place in Vegas. Thank you all.

You know some times this venture into blogdom is exhilarating. It gets the juices flowing and challenges me to attempt to write in a non-linear format. You see, most of the time I spend my writing moments referencing detailed information that needs to be concise and illicitly boring and un-grandiose. I’m not an eloquent writer but I do enjoy expressing my feelings/views for later reference. I feel perusal of ones self can open the doors of understanding at which point self-reflection will influence decision making in the future.

I guess the point of this is that I need to look at what I was doing on the tables before and see if I’ve changed my approach. I know it seem ludicrous to think that moving from .10-.20 to .25-.50 is a big move but with my bankroll it is. At this point I think a move back to .05-.10 may be the right decision to eliminate the terminal feeling of failure I’m experiencing at the .25/.50 LHE tables. In the end, my motivation for this move was influenced by
Badblood and what he wrote in his blog yesterday. Read it if you have the chance.

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