Thursday, March 02, 2006

Depravity and Poker

How can I be tilting on one table and not the other? I don’t know how but that seems to be what’s happening. I think it has something to do with having my trip rivered three times in 45 minutes. Lady variance can really bite. Anyway, I would try to live blog but that would be an effort in futility. It is amazing that I can type and play.

I had a council meeting at church today. Introduction of our interim pastor was at hand so I didn’t bring up poker. It does make me wonder though about the moral/Christian implication of playing the game. Is poker in its pure form an anti-Christian game? (Just got sucked out again) (Again by the same person) I think the depravity within the game comes from people that were already morally corrupt. True degenerate gamblers are more then likely are not the people who write blogs and play poker on a regular basis. Degenerate gamblers are the ones taking their paycheck to the casino and blowing it on the slots or some other game of chance. (Dropped a buy-in) Poker, while a game of variation, is a game of mathematical skill and intuition. Moreover, even though math plays a large part in the game, reading you opponent and learning their tendencies can be an even bigger part of the battle.

Does this sound like textbook? I don’t mean it to. I don’t think playing the game is wrong if you stay within your resources. I enjoy sitting at a table with friends or strangers playing an intellectually challenging game.

My wife feels differently. Evil and immoral are words she likes to equate with poker. I’ve had more then a few discussions with her about the artistry of the game and how it is the only game that the house doesn’t have the advantage. That it is a game of skill vs. a game of chance. Finally, I think the wall of doubt is crumbling. She even asked me to show her how to play. It wasn’t long before she was check raising on the turn. Actually, I don’t think I would want her to become good at poker. Her observational skills are quite astute.

Overall, I think we have come to an understanding about the game. She realizes that poker is a part of me that fills a void with its competitive expectation. That it gives me a chance to compete at an intellectual level. Additionally it gives me a chance to overcome variance with perception and patience. It’s just like dealing with my kids.

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