Friday, March 10, 2006

Just a Daily Post

I played some last night. Not quite the stellar performance I was trying to achieve but I did log a positive night on Noble up $1.05. Of coarse I gave some of that back this morning in a futile attempt at poker prowess. I did have some fun with in a 6 player turbo sng though. We get down to the final two people with me holding a 3300 to 2700 chip lead and blinds at 200/400. My opponent switch styles in midstream to a push or fold attack. This was a little frustrating as I was having trouble putting him on a hand. I think he had seen Hoyt Corkins play on TV and was trying to emulate his style. Anyway, I started to see a pattern that indicated a push with any ace or any face card. He would call with 1 face card and push if he felt weakness. So I get 2d4c in the small blind and call. He checks and we see a flop of QJ2 rainbow. I think I’m ahead here based of his previous playing pattern so I check hoping to trap. He pushes and I call as he shows his 89 for an inside strait draw and 2 over cards. No help for him and I win the prize. Now I think that his style has its merits but his inability to change gears left him open to the trap, which in essence he set on himself.

As far as my new endeavor goes, I cashed for a small win on Poker Stars last night. I made it to the money a little above average but got bounced when my pocket 6s were no match for AQ. I felt OK in this one but I needed to chip up to make a better finish.

I don’t have much space-filling non-poker material today. I’m sure at some point I’ll decide to romanticize one of my long but quasi-related poker stories to uplift the spirits of the poker blogging deities that roam the internet.

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