Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Looking Back

As I look back at my play last night I think I made good decisions for the most part. The part that upset me was chasing my loses in a MTT. Playing the 3+.30 MTT was not a good choice and I compounded my error with re-buys. 5 to be perfectly clear. It started as a good night as I was in the top 5 early on but I had a big pocket pair go down and 2 pair with a scary board. I should have gotten away from the second hand but over-played the 2 pair. I rebought and get queens in late position. With blinds at 30/60 and six limper I raised to 400 and get two callers. The flop is 9,7,2 with two spades and I push and get one caller. The caller flips over 8,5 of spades. He has now put in 30% of his stack after calling with these cards before and after the flop. Runner runner spades and I'm rebuying for the last time. I'm on tilt and raise with AT trying to build my stack. Button goes all-in and lemur from before calls. I should fold but I call in hopes of tripling up. Buttons AT of diamonds hit the flush and I'm done. I've dumped 75% of my almost nonexistent Noble Poker bankroll in no time flat.

I'm not sure but I think the $2 no-limit tables are calling my name. In reality I should go to the limit tables that helped me grow in the past but they drive me crazy. Thanks to
Dr. Pauly and Jjok for their words of encouragement.

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