Thursday, March 23, 2006

Random Banter

I had no excitement last night other then the WPT telecast on the Travel Channel. This time of the month seem to be endless nightly meetings that suck on my soul like a black hole bends light. At least it is over after tonight’s council meeting.

A few weeks ago each of my daughters bought mice so they could have a pet. This is doesn’t bother me because it teaches them how to be responsible and to care for something other then them selves. The real issue is when the cat finds the cage sitting on the end table and is smart enough to knock it down to release the mice. So when I walk into the house at 9:00 last night and see the cat staring down something in the corner I’m not worried. Of coarse as I go up the stairs and see the cage lying on the ground I know there is trouble. I leap down the stairs and grab the cat that just happened to be “playing” with daddy mouse. A few minutes’ later daddy and mommy mouse were safe and sound back in their home. The interesting thing is that daddy distracted the cat to protect mommy. A chivalrous mouse is hard to come by n this day and age.

I’ll play a little poker at lunch today but only a turbo sng or two. I don’t have the time for anything more. Hopefully I’ll continue to get good hands at the right times to continue my success in these crap shoots.

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