Friday, March 24, 2006

A Good Morning

Well 6:00 AM saw me playing 6-player turbo sngs. My AQ was no good to Q4, my KQ lost to KJ, and AK didn’t win the race vs. pocket 7’s. Not a good start to the morning but I will persevere. So what is the next logical step? I thought I’d play .05/.10 NLHE and risk 17% of my bankroll. Sounds like a good choice if I want to end this thing quest early. I sit down at a loose passive table with 9 players, 60% of which are seeing the flop. I get 6 limper in front of me so I raise it to .60 with AQ and all fold. Next hand I get KQ and raise to .40 with two callers. A queen high flop and I bet .40 and both call. The turn is a blank and I bet .80 and get one caller. River Queen and I bet 1.60 and calling station folds.

At this point I have 15 minutes before I have to get ready for work. I fold for an orbit and watch the player to my left run her $4 stack to $18. In the mean time, players are leaving the table when this hand happens. 4 handed I get pocket 8’s. UTG limps, I raise to .40, SB calls, BB folds, and UTG calls. Flop comes 4KQ and I’m not happy. SB bets .20 and under the gun calls. I think this is a feeler bet with second pair but I also realize I’m probably behind but make the call as the pot odd were OK. The turn gives me the lovely 8c. I now have trips. SB bets $1.70, UTG folds. With this almost pot size bet I put SB on top pair and maybe two pair. I quickly can back over the top and called her push all-in. I didn’t look at hand history to see what she had but I had doubled up and left the table to get ready for work.

With this effort I’m back at my high water mark and I’m feeling better about my game. It’s amazing how one good session can change a gray sky into a beautiful summer day.

I’ll be playing the $5+.50 $1000 freeze-out on Noble poker tonight so good luck to me.

In other news…

I had the distinct pleasure of being awaken by the gut-churning sound of M’s convulsions of sickness this morning. There is nothing like the sound of last nights dinner being regurgitated into the receptacle our refuse is removed by. I’m not sure what it is but just the sound of a revolting stomach is enough to make me spew uncontrollably my self. Hopefully this sickness has run it’s last leg through my family.

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