Tuesday, March 14, 2006

A Trip to Las Vegas?

Word around the water cooler has management going to an international convention in Las Vegas May 17-20. This could be great news if it comes to fruition. I could spend mind numbing days in meetings and conferences while take swift kicks to the junk at night at the poker tables. More word on this revelation as information becomes available.

I haven’t been to Vegas for almost 16 years. The last time involved fifteen 20-something year old men playing softball, going to strip joints, and long hours at the black jack tables. I think I had 10-15 hours of sleep in four days. Good times. Anyway, where are some of the evening tourneys held and what are the starting times? If you have any responses I would appreciate the commentary.

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d said...

Check out LasVegasVegas's site for local tournament listings and times...