Thursday, March 09, 2006

Friends, How Many of us Have Them?

I used to work in research & development for one of the largest chemical companies in the world. Almost everyone would recognize it’s slogan from the numerous colorful and aggrandizing commercials that frequent major events. What does this have to do with poker? Well I’ll tell you. Nothing other than the fact that one of the best bosses I’ve ever had worked there with me. What set him apart from many of my previous mentors is how he treated me and how he respected the work that I did. He wouldn’t hesitate to mention the quality of my work and work ethic when he could have easily passed my efforts off as his own. For this I’m grateful.

A couple of years ago both he and I chose to redirect our career paths and part ways from the mother ship. He took a position as QA Manager at different chemical company in the burbs while I moved up to a QA management position of a manufacturing company about 10 minutes from my home. This job transformation was essential for both of us as the company we worked for was moving operations out of the area. We still stay in touch and get together quite often if not on a regular basis. So you ask; “what does this have to do with poker?” We’re getting there but a little more info.

Last year I held a poker fundraiser for my softball team. The buy-in was $50 and we kept $15 for the juice (it was a fundraiser). In all we had 50 or so people and made a nice little haul for the ball team. As we get to the bubble, my old boss says “If I win this, we’re going to the boat and I’m staking you,” Well he didn’t win but I still continued to question if he would have staked me that night.

He just put $500 in my poker stars account. No questions asked. All I have to do is pay him back 50% of my MTT net winnings until it is paid off. If I bust out so be it. Now that’s faith in a friend. I honestly don’t know if I could do the same but I guess he thinks I can play. Either that or he’s an idiot. I’ll try to prove the first one right.

So from this point forward, I will be dropping information about my poker stars account but will continue to keep this blog’s main focus on my Noble account.

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