Thursday, March 23, 2006

More Lunchtime Fun

Played in a 5+.50 MTT during lunch today, or should I say extended lunch! First hand saw me with AQ soooted in middle position and raise 3x. Big blind calls. T95 rainbow flop and BB bets 100. I have him on a large range of hands and figure him for first or second pair and call to set up a steal. The turn is an 8 and he raises 110. This is either a scare card or improves his hand. I wait and wait and wait and re-raise 220. I will fold if he comes back at me. After about thirty seconds he fold. At this point I play 9 more hands the rest of the tourney. I did double up to around 2300 before the first break but didn’t get any playable hands. The hands I did get bought the blinds. About half way through the second hour I get pocket 10’s and push with blinds at around 200/400 and having around 1600 in chips. One caller and I double up. A few hands later, on the BB I get A3 of clubs and call a short stack’s all-in for 665 more. His Q3 was good. At this point we are approaching the bubble and I’m looking for a spot to double up again. When we reach the bubble I’m on the BB(300/600) with 955 left. The cutoff raises me all-in. Here I am again. I can call with my Q9 of fold into the money. I have no balls. I think my wife has them in her purse. Any way, I get to the button thinking I’ll call with any two face cards when I’m moved to a new table. I’m right on the big blind. IGHN.

I had fun but I need to be more creative to improve my chip stack. I realize I’ve said this before but I’m having a hard time pulling the trigger. I think I play an above average short stack game but I’m very confident in my large stack game.

I need to take my own advice and open up my game. I think I’m playing tighter then my prom date.

At least I got my money back. I'm such a wimp.

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