Monday, April 30, 2007

Poker and Ball are Fun

Playing poker and watching ball are two of my favorite things to do and I got some of each over the weekend.

Friday night I jumped on the poker machine, got into a Razz tourney and a MTT, and started my quest for obscurity. JL514 was around so we played the same NL tourney and both made a nice run with me getting a little farther.

Razz was the usual donkey fest of idiotic play that frustrates me to no end. I made a nice run but missed the money by a couple of spots after being down to 87 chips at one point. I waited as patently as I could and doubled up when I had to stay on the last spot for about 40 minutes until I got a couple of hands back to back to move me near the money bubble. I kept my stack as level as I could but got chased down by a big stack when my A234 bricked the rest of the way and got beat by a made queen.

Mean while I have the NL tourney going and I am moving up as we get near the bubble. 541 runners started the event and we are down to about 60 with 54 getting paid. I’m getting nothing for cards but Have been stealing to maintain my stack in hopes of getting a big hand. It’s folded to me and I push the blinds with my T3 hoping to induce a fold because they will be crippled if the call and lose. The BB calls with JT but I suck out a 3 to double up. Next hand I get pocket queens and double again to put me in the chip lead. I maintain that lead for much of the remainder of the tourney until just before the final table when I drop down to 5th or 6th. I made a big lay down pre-flop when I held AK. I had a read on a guy and felt his min re-raise smelled like a big pocket pair so I folded. I ended up not seeing what he had but I felt that I was dominated. I had another big lay down when I saw a free flop vs. the SB. I held 65 and the flop comes 885. The small blind makes a min raise and I re raise with my 5. He comes over the top and I eventually fold. He showed pocket aces. As we got near the end of my run, I pushed my 77 into AJ and got beat on the flop when a jack hit the board. I’ll take the 7th place but would have liked to win that coin flip.

Mean while I played a re-buy tourney and played it deep but bubbled when I tried to push my AT into JJ and got knocked out. Two real nice runs on the night and an ok amount for a return.

Saturday morning was terrible as I woke up late for my daughters tourney and had to scramble to get her there on time. We had to meet with her teammates at 7:15 and didn’t get up until 6:45. Anyway, we made it on time and had a great day out in the sun watching ball. They probably had the top two teams in there bracket and played well against them except for one inning each game that saw them give away runs. They scored 3 runs against the best team there while no other team scored more then 1 so there was a positive to the games.

Sunday saw an early start. There first game was at 7:00 and they had to be at the park at 6:15. Being that we live about 45 minutes from they tourney meant we were on the road at 5:15. Softball Enthusiast pitched the early game and did well. I don’t know the totals but they ended up losing by 1 after tying the score. They had a problem catching and throwing so the 3 hits she gave up turned into 6 runs. I think she had 8 strike outs but 6 walks didn’t help and bad throws and walks don’t mix. In there last game they held the lead for much of the time but gave up a bunch late and lost by 2. They did battle hard and had the tying and winning run on base with 1 out but couldn’t get them around to score. It was a great experience for the girls.

That’s all for today. Have a great day and all that other stuff.

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JL514 said...

Nice recap, you were a beast Friday night. Keep it up :)