Monday, April 16, 2007

Donkament Action is Fun

Friday night is a normal poker night for me. Most nights I will start playing around 8:30 or so and stop between midnight and 1:00 so that I’m not to comatose on Saturday morning. So Softball Enthusiast had practice at 6:00 and after I dropped her off I came home and signed up for the Donkament, you know, the $1 re-buy tourney that is full of crazy play and fun. Anyway, my wife is kind enough to pick up my daughter so I can have some donkey poker fun at 8:00.

I chipped up early to 5000 chips before giving them all back and having to re-buy because I played like an idiot. But that’s what this is about isn’t it. Any way at the first break I have 3500 after taking the add-on. Early in the second hour I called a 3x raise with pocket 7s and hit a set and doubled up. I then lost it back when I hit trips on the flop but my opponent caught a flush on the turn. I doubled back up a couple of orbits later when my pocket 10s held up vs. the tournament directors A10. This seemed to be the way of the night overall as I would gain chips and then loose them over and over again.

Armed with a below average stack I gave away chips when I slow played a good hand into someone’s trips. But the poker gods rewarded me by giving me pocket aces the next hand to double up again. So then I raised a few hands in a row to try and continue the rush and took down some blinds to get my stack back to the previous level. It then became a good time for a set and I doubled again to get to 11K and a chance to start working.

At this time we have 10 players left in the event and even though my stack keeps moving around I think I have a good shot if I start playing solid poker. Then I made a stupid re-steal attempt because I was tired of being raised by a particular player. I pushed his 3x raise with my 42 off suit and he calls with his AQ. I really thought it was a steal and could push him off his hand but oh well. So now I’m at Any Two Cards time and push with 67 and double up. And push again to take the blinds. Then we get to the final table.

Seat 1: SirFWALGMan (12,830)
Seat 2: BuddyDank (11,905)
Seat 3: mookie99 (12,525)
Seat 4: BrainMc (24,520)
Seat 5: Alf Eleven (11,320)
Seat 6: pokerenthusiast (3,250)
Seat 7: Pokerwoolf (20,825)
Seat 8: Acornman (21,490)
Seat 9: Ingoal (14,335)

As you can see I’m short for the world. I was down to 1K but lucked into making it to the final table. Anyway, with this stack I’m still at ATC and I push with 97 suited and double up to 5600. A few hands later I get KK and double to 12K and now I feel good. I’ve really luck-boxed my way and you never know what could happen. I chipped up a little when I get JJ in the BB. Waffles makes a raise and I hoy him and he folds. This bets me to 19K and in a virtual tie for third with 6 left. I gave some of it back when I had pocket 8s and the chip leader, pokerwoolf, came over the top of my raise. I wasn’t ready for a coin flip but it may have been a bad fold. Anyway, I was 3rd with 4 players left when waffles ran A7 in AA as we get down to 3. A short time later I get the hammer but AJ sucks out and I luck into 3rd place in the Donkament.

I also played a Razz tourney and bubbled the money on the final table. The part that pisses me off the most is miss reading my hand and costing my self a crap load of chips. I wont go into details but it was pure stupidity.

With nothing but time on my hands I jumped into a 90 peep tourney. I should actually play more of these because they work well with my game but I just haven’t gotten around to doing it. Waffles is at my starting table which is always fun. Anyway, I chipped up to 7K early on back to back hands when I got KK and AK suited. I then went 25 minutes before playing another hand. Repeat the last sentence again and you will see an hour of my play. I had utter junk and only bought a couple of blinds in that time before catching JJ. I hit trips and a big stack called with second pair to put me at 10K. I stayed afloat by stealing from time to time but as we reached the final table bubble I caught KJ on the button. I pushed them right into aces and I was done.

Overall it was a good night of poker and I had some fun at the Donkament. Around this time I saw that Hoy was in a Bracelet Race and doing well. I railbirded him as he moved through the field and won another chunk of cash of the tournament We Shouldn’t Of Provoked. The best line from him was when he tried to steal with T4 and his opponent eventually calls with KJ for his tourney life. Hoy catches a 10 to bust the guy and says” you deserve to lose calling with KJ”. Great stuff.

I also watched a little Token Frenzy the other night as many bloggers were trying for the Big Game.

That's a lot of windows open.

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