Tuesday, April 24, 2007

A Day in the Life

I’m feeling better.

I got my pimping out of the way yesterday.

I’m playing a $5 MTT as I write this and sitting 18th of 74.

I attempted to cash out a chunk of money from UB a couple of weeks ago. I got a check but it had someone else’s last name. After contacting UB the canceled the check and will put the money back into my account. I will then have to withdraw the money again. Hopefully they get my name right next time.

I have AK suited with three limpers and I raise to 600 from the BB and get one caller. I flop top pair and nut flush draw and bet ¾ pot to look lick a continuation bet and my opponent pushes. I call and he shows J9 off suit for no pair and no draw. Well played.

I’m now sitting 10 of 63.

9:23 No time stamp as I do this

9:25 My sickness was caused by a combination of to much sun and high blood pressure. I left my medication at work on thursday so I went un medicated for a few days.

9:28 24 from the money and I'm in 9th

9:30 I'm starting another $5 tourney just because.

9:38 Just gave away a chunk trying to steal from the SB.

9:46 moved up with flopped trips and a turned boat.

9:49 7 from the money...I need a double to improve my position.

9:54 just doubled in my other tourney.

9:56 3 from the money pocket queens takes it down

9:59 money bubble is great..I've almost double with aggression.

10:04 stupid bubble won't break and big stack on my left won't let me breath.

10:07 the bubble has broken and I'm top 15 and a double up to top 5.

10:15 sports center gets old after a while.

10:19 sitting 17 of 89 in other tourney.

10:26 got knocked out in 21st place. Tried for a steal and got caught. sitting 13 of 75 in other tourney.

10:31 going through the blogroll while at break.

10:42 8 of 72. moving up. the players at my table have seen me show the best hand every time so they are playing in fear...and trying to trap me.

10:43 I love reading blogs. As soon as they pop up on bloglines I check them out. Great for work place productivity.

10:49 Got a walk with QQ...that sucks.

10:54 Starting another $5 tourney in 6 minutes.

11:00 I'm hungry. That's a change because I've been staying away from food the last few days.

11:05 new tourney didn't last long. My pocket queens don't survive vs 22.

11:07 how come when I set mine I don't catch but my opponents do?

11:12 7 of 42. i love this game today.

11:14 I have yet to show a losing hand. I'm seing about 20% of the flops this tourney.

11:21 18 to the money and I have a good table. A few guys willing to play less then good cards.

11:33 I've been card dead for a while...I'm 13 of 28 with 18 getting paid...I'm looking for a spot to double up.

11:36 Just stole a pot with J6 cuz I haven't played a hand in a while. And no limping on my BB.

11:39 Break time.

11:48 I lost a hand when my AK was no good vs. a short stack and there 54.

11:53 so card dead.

11:56 3 til the money

12:02 money bubble...i'm 12 of 19

12:05 I busted the bubble and I'm sitting 8 of 18

12:34 12 left...I'm 9th...one double from 2nd

12:41 5 of 10 with a check raise and then KK

12:44 Break time. Ski jumped on for a bit and said hello.

12:53 Final table...6 of 9

1:09 8 left...i'm ready to double up.

1:19 sitting 5 of 5

1:25 doubled with KK

1:37 I take the chip lead.

1:40 I give it back

1:46 took a sick beat in the battle of the blinds...Iflop 2 pair and he flops a straight.

1:47 out in third.

Not a bad day.

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