Tuesday, April 03, 2007


The end of March showed me something more then a continued run on the poker tables. It gave me some sort of sickness that is kicking my ass. I think I’ve lost 5 pounds of snot as I’ve been blowing my nose constantly for the last three days.

Last night surf gave me a call as I was starting practice for Speedy Enthusiast team. We talked for a couple of minutes and then I started practice for the young ladies. As I was heading home, I called him back because I couldn’t remember anything he said and being that he is so important I wanted to make sure I didn’t miss anything. I didn’t miss a thing.

That was the last time I saw my cell phone.

I don’t misplace things for the most part. I have a couple of places that I keep my wallet, keys and cell phones, so if they are not in one place then they are in the other. That is until this morning. I feel naked without it.


No poker last night. This time of year will make big impact on the amount of poker I play. Considering that I’ve cut back already my time will on the virtual felt will be minimal. Looking at practice schedules over the next month and then the game schedules through July, I see games almost every night of the week and many weekends that will be filled with ball. I loved playing the game and truly get just as much enjoyment from watching my children play.

Speedy Enthusiast tried to throw yesterday but her shoulder is still sore. She still took ground balls and did the drills she could but I think she’s still a week away from light throwing.

Baseball Enthusiast had his first practice ever and made a tag play and threw the ball to first for an attempted double play. Considering he is 5, I would say he has a nose for the game.

Softball Enthusiast has the week off from practice so she played catch with a friend and worked on her pitching. She really wants to be the #1 pitcher on her team so I’m glad she’s working on her own to get better.

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