Monday, April 23, 2007

This is a paid review of Sooted Shirts.

Many of us look for the next new shirt that will be both cleaver and catch the eye of our opponent at the poker table. This seems to be the idea that the people at Sooted Shirts are trying to cash in on with their poker apparel.

As I checked out their site, I found A few novel shirt ideas that were of interest to me. They also have the ability to use different colored shirts to satisfy personal preference. The only draw back that I saw was the limited number of options. There were only ten different shirts to choose from that I saw but maybe they will be expanding as time goes on.

One interesting link that I followed was a link for terminology. It gives definitions for fish, donkeys and many other terms that are commonly used in poker. I’m not sure what use it has overall but it is interesting none the less.

There are also links dedicated to contact information as well as about the company in general.

Over all I think this is a site that has some things to offer. The cleaver t-shirt ideas out weigh the limited number of choices for those t-shirts.

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Jeremy said...

I like the Teddy KGB one, but that's probably becomes I am an over aggressive fish :)