Friday, April 13, 2007

ER, Friday the 13th and Friday Poker Fun

One of the regular weekly things that we used to do as a family was watch ER. I guess I shouldn’t say “as a family” because it has really been Mrs. Enthusiast and my oldest sitting in the family room with me watching the show. Over the years the cast has changed and the quality has risen and fallen but it has been a show we have enjoyed together. During the last year or so we have gotten away from watching it, until last night that is. It was nice to sit around and watch some unrealistic show with the two of them.


No poker last night. I had a meeting that didn’t get over until 9:00 and after watching I was in relaxation mode. And even though I may be the Razz King, my other kingdom is in the land of relaxation. I have the innate ability to relax anywhere as well as the ability to take a nap. If these paid well I would be rich.

So it is Friday the 13th. Many people have a fear of this day and will not travel because they know they will have an accident or some crap like that. Millions of dollars in business is lost because people don’t go out on this day. But how did this day come to be feared?

One belief is that it has biblical roots. The crucifixion took place on a Friday, though I can’t say it took place on the 13th, and thus Friday holds a special place in the history of Christian beliefs. There was also the last supper. The 13th guest to arrive was Judas and if you remember your reading, he was the one who betrayed Jesus.

There is also a Norse myth about 12 gods having a dinner party at Valhalla, their heaven. Loki arrived uninvited as the 13th and arranged for the death of Balder by poisoned arrow.

But one of the big reasons for the belief, in my opinion, comes from The date October 13, 1307. King Philip IV and his army went on a raid of the Knights Templars. He charged them with various charges like homosexuality and blasphemy and had them tortured and killed because of the power they held.

Go here if you would like to find out more about Friday the 13th.


I will try to play the donkarama tonight:

Friday Night Blogger Donkament
Full Tilt, at 9pm EST
password = donkarama

I wont be there at the start but should be there before the re-buy is over. After that I’m planning on some Razz tourney action and maybe a NL tourney. We see what happens after that.

And don’t forget about the Big Game on Sunday. It is sure to be a good time and is part of the BBT.

Have a great weekend.

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slb159 said...

I don't like Friday the 13th because I have a fear of running into Jason Voorhees.