Friday, April 06, 2007

Good Friday and Riverchasers

Apparently, they don’t celebrate Good Friday in Japan because I’m here at work. Therefore, I did a little research to see if the have a deity or son of a deity that was betrayed, beaten, forced to carry his crucifix and left to die only to be reborn 3 day later. And this is what I found.

Shinto has been around forever basically and doesn’t have scripts like some other religions. There is no preaching and when people die the become kami and are revered by their families. The Sun Goddess Amaterasu is symbolized on the Japanese flag.

Buddhism also has a large following in Japan is based on a circle of life. I will not go into a lot of detail here because Buddhism is very complex and I don’t have that much initiative.

So while many Christians are spending time with their families, I’m wasting productivity by writing this junk. I guess I need to get something out of this under paying job.


I played the Riverchasers event last night that goes along with The Battle of the Blogger Tournaments and chipped up early with some sets but never got anything big going. I eventually got knocked out somewhere in the 20s on a hand that I truly don’t remember. I do know that I lost a lot of chips when I raised from late middle position with kq and folded to a re-raise that would have put me in. I folded and they showed kk. Wait…I remember…I was blinding down and got pushed into by a short stack and was getting short my self so I called with the all powerful A3. A3 is no good vs. k8 and I got crippled. I ws questionable to call but I was on the BB and folding would have left me with no equity.

I played a few SNGs taking 2 2nds and bubbling the 3rd. It’s funny but I’m starting to really understand how hoy feels when someone calls your re-raise with a hand like K10 when you hold AK and he gets rewarded for a terrible call.

I have some funny stuff to write but I want to save it for Monday because we all need a lift on Mondays.

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