Thursday, April 19, 2007

99 is Gold in the Mookie

It was a fun night at the Mookie and even thought I didn’t cash I made a deep run and played well for the most part. The best hand of the night happened when I held 99 in middle position and raised to 660. I had been playing tight aggressive so I fidured to take the pot down without a fight. But then waffles pushes his 1.7K stack over the top so I tanked a bit and ultimately made the call. Overall I was getting about 2.5 to 1 on the call and feared only 5 hands which he may have been holding. But with his stack size and the fact he was making a deep run in a Razz tourney, I felt he could just be trying to double or steal the pot. Even with the call I have a healthy stack. He flips over JJ. JJ are not ok as I spike a 9 and send him to his Razz tourney. Very lucky hand for me I gave me a chance to go card dead.

The funniest hand of the night was actually a series of hand that I got involved with Papi Justify. He is a very aggressive player and thankfully he was on my right. He had raised my blinds a few times and I made a decision to come back over the top with any two cards because I felt he was being way to pushy. So I’m on the BB and look at 94. It is folded around to him and he makes his standard steal raise and I pop it all-in. He says he has A10 and fold. I show the resteal because I want him to know I will not be pushed around. (thanks goes to smokkee)

Next hand I get AK and take down a nice pot followed by QQ. Papi raises to 400 and I come over the top to 1300. I’m really liking the rush at this point and he calls. It may have been a tilt call because I just become uber aggressive the last 3 hands but when he checked the flop I bet out and he folded. From that point forward he slowed way down on my blinds and I gave him some respect when he raised me.

Lets move on to much later when I have been blinded down. I did the best I could to steal a pot here and there but it was hard to get into a pot. Anyway, I folded a winner when there was a raise and a re-raise in front of me. I was sitting on the BB with AQ so I dumped it but was left with 2.6K. Would have tripled up. Anyway the next hand I get K6 and push when it is folded to me. Cmitch calls with A7 and a big stack of chips but I out draw him and get some room to work. Next hand I get AJ and raise hoping to start a new rush but Mookie pushes and I have to let it go. From this point on I stay between 4K and 8K and continue to move closer to the final table.

My down fall was trying the old re-steal on matt. He had KK and I was priced in with JT suited. Kind of a dumb move but from the BB is often successful. Just bad timing. So I got knocked out around 11th or something. The totals say one major suckout, one minor suckout, many steals with good and bad cards, and one bonehead play that sent me to the rail.

Congrates to the cashers.

Tonight is the Riverchasers event #8. Play it if you want to try and move up the leader board but I won’t be there. I will be flying to California when it starts and unless they have internet on the plane, I won’t be able to play. Oh well.

Have a great day.


TripJax said...

sucking out on waffles is a sure fire why to get some attention!

The Poker Enthusiast said...

I feel honored to be on the top of his list.