Thursday, April 05, 2007

Mooooookie and Dooooookie

Well I ended up playing the Mookie last night and made a nice run. I got very lucky on two different occasions when I got in behind and sucked out big time. The first time was against the eventual champion Miamidon when he raised from middle position. I had been playing tight and was getting short and sitting on the BB with A10 suited. My M is 4 and even though I’m behind I’m hoping for a coin flip. I was actually dominated by AK but spiked a 10 to hold on. Later on I went for a steal when I was on the button. It was folded to me and I raised 4x with Q8. The big blind short stack pushed with JJ but I had to call getting 3-1 and I sucked out with a Q.

Up to this point I really didn’t have much for cards and was very lucky to be in the game. My best hand to this point was pocket 8s and they caused me to lose half of my stack. Well things started to change and I caught some cards. I came over the top of a few raises because I new I could take some pots. My image was tight and I got respect. I had solid hands and chip equity and they helped me move up.

With the blinds at 200/400 with an ante of 50, I get XX suited on the button. My opponent raises to 1200 from UTG and it is folded to me. A call is for 1/3 of my chips and leaves me with an M of 4 point something if I fold after the flop so I push. I know this opponent with raise from this position with less then top cards so I feel I’m ahead. He calls right away with 56 suited, same suit as mine, for 28% of his stack. Now I could have gotten away from this hand easily from the button but I chose to push. I’m playing 13% of the hands to this point. What is my range of hands.

From my view point I’m only raising with very solid hands. My range for the push is prolly 77-AA and AK or AQ. 28 combinations of cards put my over the top. Against 56 suited my AKs and AQs are between 60-40 and 64-36 percent favorites. Lets just say 62-38 for arguments sake. AA-JJ are about 77-23 and 1010-77 are about 79-21. When you put this together you get 66.6-33.4 or 2-1 odds. I don’t have the hand history but from memory he was getting 2.2-1 with a call. Good call. I had AQ suited and he hit a boat to knock me out.

Would I make this call? No because I’m weak and wouldn’t raise UTG with 56 suited. It seemed to be a marginal call, considering my hand requirements, at the time but the math says it’s almost even so well played.

I think I played ok, not my A game by any means but waited for the deck to come back to me. Is pushing with AQ suited in that position the right thing to do? My opponent had a big stack and was wielding like a hammer, trying to chip up. I knew I was ahead and will make that play again.

I also played the Dookie and and got to the final table. I was chip leader for much of the event but went card dead. And in a turbo event it sucks to be card dead when the blinds climb so fast.

I’m gonna try and play the riverchasers event tonight but with Maundy Thursday hitting I don’t think I’ll be back from church. We’ll see.

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SirFWALGMan said...

its a crap hand to raise in EP because your gonna lose alot more than you win. Too bad he didnt get nailed by someone with a big stack.