Thursday, April 26, 2007

Paella Marinera

I had no time for poker last night as I was having dinner with some customers at a Spanish restaurant. I was home in time to play the Mookie but I hadn’t seen the family all day and thus poker was not important. Sorry all but my family is more important then you. Anyway, the dinner was excellent consisting of Paella Marinera which is seafood with rice and various veggies mixed together and served family style. It was outstanding. The best part was it didn’t cost me a thing to try something new because it was a business dinner. +EV for sure but I can’t say that for the Mookie.

I have a meeting tonight so Prolly no poker again but maybe Friday. No games to go to and no practices that I know of so Friday should work. Anyway, That’s all today. I just got finished with an all day meeting and have a little time to catch up on work so I must do that.

Have a great day.

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