Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The Mookie and My New SNG Challenge

Tonight is Mookie night so be there on Full Tilt at 9:00 PM. Go to private tournaments and use the password vegas1 if you are up for a good time.

I’ve kind of started my next sng challenge but have only played 4 so far. I started with about 20 buy-ins for the 6+.50 turbo games on Full Tilt. Now playing the turbo games may make it a bit more of a luck fest but I like the speed to which the games advance and I can take advantage of some of the weak play many of these players employ. Variance will be a key issue for me to deal with so I hold the right to change to regular sngs at any point.

The object will be to move to the next level once I have 30 buy-ins at the original level. If I drop back below 30 then I move back down. When I achieve 30 buy-ins at the new level I will move up again. Rinse and repeat. This is going to take me a while because I don’t have a lot of time for per right now but it gives me a nice pathway to follow.

The breakdown goes like this.

Start with $118
From $67.5 - $201.50 play $6.50 turbo or $5.50 regular sngs.
From $201.50 - $372 play $$12 turbo or $11 regular sngs.

If I get higher then $372 in 100 sngs then I will move to the $22 sngs.

Does this make any sense? It is a way to move up and take shots without bleeding the bankroll dry. We’ll see how long I can grind me some sngs.

So far I’ve cashed in 3 of 4 with 2 2nds and a 1st to move my sng bankroll up to $151. I’m hoping to move up to the $11 level before this weekend but I’m not sure if I have the time to put into it. If things go well I can crank out some sngs on Friday.


As far as the Battle of the Bloggers, I’m sitting in 37th. Not the best showing but I’ve played in 2 of the 4 events. If I’m lucky I’ll play half of the events on the schedule so unless I make some final tables I’m going to continue to back peddle.

No silly story about my past today. I’m to busy to think about it.

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