Wednesday, April 25, 2007

All is Well I Guess

To busy to post anything solid, not that I write solid anyway. I had two nice runs yesterday while I was sitting home under the weather. The first one was a top 20 finish that saw me sitting near the bottom when a big stack raised my BB again. I pushed my remaining chips with 97 hoping for two live cards and saw him flip over AQ. I got my wish and hit a 7 on the flop but lost on the turn when a queen appeared.

In the second event I accumulated chips throughout the tourney. After the first hour I had 5.6K and sitting near the top. I won a couple of coin flips with short stacks that helped a lot. As the second hour started, the players at my table feared me because I’ve shown only good hands and have not lost anything. They are folding to my bets. I know they are waiting to trap me and thus I gave a little back after a couple of marginal raises. Then a table change. I chipped up some and then held my ground as we got closer to the end. With 2 tables left I was 5 of 9 at my table with 14K. I chipped up well with some strong play and had 25K as I hit the final table in 6th place. With 6 left I was a deaths door but just enough chip equity to stay alive. I got a nice double up when I pushed the BB with my KJ and he calls with K3 and doubled again with pocket kings to put me at 41K and 3 of 5 left. I then got lucky on a steal attempt gone bad when I hit a straight with 93 suited vs. KQ. I took the chip lead for a short bit with 4 left but took a huge hit when I flopped bottom two pair in a battle of the blinds. My opponent hit a straight and I was all but done. I doubled back up on an any two cards push. I out lasted one guy and then got knocked out in third after catching TPSK vs. two overs when one over caught. Solid game with one suckout.

The Mookie is tonight but I’m not sure I’ll be there. I have a business diner that may get in the way.

Have a great day all.

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