Tuesday, April 17, 2007

I Could Throw Out A Wffles Like Rant But I Won't

I could go into a long rant about how I’m in a crappy mood but I won’t. Some of the inequities of life have just jumped into the path so I’m side stepping them to avoid falling over. I’m on life tilt today so maybe I will rant.

It looks like I’ll have to go to California on Friday. I found this out yesterday and it looks to be a one day trip. I guess there is nothing like leaving the house early in the morning to fly for 4 hours, get in a car and drive for 2 hours, have a meeting and lunch and then reverse the process until I get home. So there you have it…10 hours of travel time plus the time spent waiting to travel just so we can have a 1 hour meeting and lunch. There better be some good food involved or I’m gonna get really pissed.

So I will be flying into LA sometime Friday morning in an attempt to smooth over the rough edges of business. The sales guy who works this account is leaving and I have to help reassure that we can continue to produce a quality product. Blah, blah, blah. You know we can’t continue to produce a quality product if the sales guy leaves. He is so instrumental in getting the product out the door. Friggin idiots.

So now that another guy is leaving I wonder how much of his job will be dumped into my lap? They still have not replaced anyone who has left and thus we have a group of people doing things they were not trained to do and becoming disenchanted with their jobs. I fit that description very well. Anyway, it sucks and I didn’t sign on for this crap.


Speedy had softball practice last night and like most night one of the parents decided that we should be a baby sitter for 20 minutes because the show they were watching on tv wasn’t over yet. I don’t have many request from parents other then have your kids there on time and be there on time to pick them up. By the time I left the field I had 10 minutes to get to a meeting eat dinner and get my daughter to Girl Scouts. Friggin idiots.

At least my meeting was at the same place that Girl Scouts was at. I eventually ate dinner around 8:30 which is part of the reason my stomach keeps growing. Eating that late at night is bad for you and I already have more then enough vices in my life. Friggin poker.


There was no way I was going to play last night. For one thing it was Monday and I don’t play Mondays but pissed of as I was I would have tilted away a good chunk of my money. I did sit back and watch some of Hoy’s event just because I’m a loser and have nothing better to do. I saw some wonderfully bad play at times as guys really think calling a raise and a re-raise with AJ is a great play. I did get to see hoy get busted with K5 vs. his A7 so railing the tourney was worth it.

That’s it, I’m done. This could take up pages of text so I better stop here before I go nuts.

I really don’t care if you have a great day.


JL514 said...

Not to make your day worse, but my math says thats 12 hours of travel time :(

JL514 said...

hmmmm unless you factored in time zone differences, but still, REAL time should be 12?