Thursday, April 12, 2007

Some Times People Get Pissy at the Tables

Seat 9: pokerenthusiast (735)
Dealt to pokerenthusiast [2s Qs]

It is folded to me in the SB and I push vs. smokkee. With my chip stack I think this is acceptable considering he’ll have to call off 35% of his stack to call.

2 orbits later

Seat 9: pokerenthusiast (715)
Dealt to pokerenthusiast [Ac 9s]

I push with the blinds at 50/100 vs. smokkee after it is folded to me in the SB. Smokkee gets upset. Says he’ll call with any 2 cards.

Next orbit.

Seat 9: pokerenthusiast (715)
Dealt to pokerenthusiast [Ac 9c]

It is folded to me in the SB and I push vs. Smokkee. He calls with JT. Flop is 4d 3c Jd. Turn is As. River is Tc and I’m done.

Did I do any thing wrong with the hands I played? Any raise I make is going to commit me anyway. Looking through the hand history I see that these are the only times I had raised his blind. Should I just fold my blinds because he has done well in some big tourneys? He is a good player and I am a donk but hoy says JT should never call a raise so I must question his play.

In reality I’m sure he thought I was playing at him but I wasn’t. I’m 50/50 with the first hand vs. a random hand, 61/39 vs. a random hand in the second and 63/37 in the third. And vs JT I’m 58.5/41.5. Short stacked I’ll Take those odds.

As for the rest of the Mookie I never got going. I had some nice starting hands but they never hit One example was getting AK suited and completely missing the flop. I make a continuation bet and my opponent comes over the top. I put him on a pocket pair and fold. This was the theme for the night and it never stopped.

I did se more flops which was a plan of mine. My VPIP was running low I made an effort to get into more hands. Before I got short stacked I was running around 21% so I’m happy with that.

The Dookie was another example of why HORSE should not be a turbo. I chipped up in Razz and continued to move up in the other stud events. By the time we were through the first round I had 3200 chips and lead the field. By the end of Omaha I was up to 3800 and read to dominate. I then took a big hit when my opponent hit trips on 7th street to beat my two pair during stud. It cost me a ton of chips because bets were at 150/300. I won a few more hands and got back to 3200. I then went card dead for a little while and lost a big chunk in Omaha. I stayed alive to the final table and got knocked out in 6th. I really like HORSE but the turbo version makes it a game of card catching.


I worked on the SNG challenge a little last night and cashed in 3 of 5. In one game 4 players were knocked out by the 6th hand. I went on to take it down without much trouble.

I went and bubbled the next 2 when the chip leaders kept doubling up the short stacks I made the mistake of getting involved when I shouldn’t have. I turned it around in my last 2 by taking a 3rd and a 2nd. In the last won I hit a big hand when we were down to 3 players. I get 99 in the SB and I push my 3100 chip stack into the BB and button limper. The BB calls with K8 and the button calls with KQ. My 9s hold up and I’m a huge chip leader. A couple of hands later I get AA from the BB. UTG is all-in for less then a bet and the SB calls. I raise with my aces and put the SB all-in. He calls with 45 and sucks out and ended up winning in a series of unfortunate events for me.

I looked up the guys sharkscope numbers after the game and has an ROI of -38%. Now I see why he called with 45.


TripJax said...

Are you sure he wasn't just giving you a hard time, but not pissy. I know it only takes a couple of raises on my blinds before I start thinking someone is playing at me.

I've made the "any two cards" comment numerous times and never meant anything bad by it. Just wanted to remind the player that I recognize that my blinds are being abused and I might have to do something about it.

I wouldn't read too much into it...then again, you just said he got upset and not exactly what he wrote, so it is hard to tell...

smokkee said...

the 1st time u pushed into my BB when everyone folded to u, i suspected u might be doing it with a weak hand (Q2sOOted? c'mon).

when u made the same move after everyone folded to u the very next orbit, i decided was gonna have to take a stand if u did it again. so, i gave u fair warning.

i had u covered 3x and i'm not gonna get punked by a short stack in the SB every orbit. nothing personal. but, that's just me.

GL at the tables

The Poker Enthusiast said...

I agree with you in every way. In reality I couldn't back down with the A9 suited just because I knew you would call. I'm ahead vs most hands and being short I need a double. I know that I'm not normally a push monkey and you just happened to be the one there. I wasn't playing at you at all, just trying to gain some chips.