Tuesday, May 01, 2007

April Results

Now that April is over I thought I would give an account of my action for the month as per usual.

With the beginning of ball season comes the inability to play poker because of family commitments and I’ve already seen the effects. A typical moth this year saw me playing 40 or so tourneys but I only played 27 in April. I had a solid month overall with a return of 55% but the buy-ins were smallish and not enough games played. I had a handful of final tables with a 3rd place being the high water mark for the month. My NL game is going well as power poker seems to be the way to play. Overall, I took cash out from UB to pay for a trip later in May and have been able to buy some action from a few players who were playing some bigger tourneys in hopes of getting a percentage.

I started a SNG challenge in April but I haven’t gotten going on it very well. I’ve only played 10 sngs so far which doesn’t tell me anything at all. I do have a ROI of 66% and I’m in the money 55% of the time so hopefully I can keep it up when I get back to it.

So in the end I had a solid month but nothing like the big time players see. If I can catch a few more final table in May for some nice money then I will take some shots at some bigger buy-ins. I think I’m going to stay away from Razz for a while because the fields are so small that the money I can win isn’t worth the time invested. I’ll still play the random HORSE tourney but I am going to stick to NL Hold’em for the most part. No Omaha events either because they have been a negative to my return overall. After the summer I will revisit the non hold’em events but because of the limited amount of time I have to play I think I need to stay focused on NL tourneys.

I retain the right to stray from my objectives if I feel the need to do something different.

Later this month I’ll be meeting with Surf in Evansville for some blogger bonding. We will probably hit a tourney while we are there and just hangout and have some fun.

I missed the Blogger Bracelet Race on Sunday. I wanted to play but there was no way it was going to happen with all the softball and other family stuff that was more important. We celebrated Speedy Enthusiast birthday with my mom because she is going to Florida this week and won’t be back until after Speedy turns 11.

That’s it for today. Have a great day.

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WindBreak247 said...

What method are you using to move money out of the site(s)?

I'm thinking I may need a cashout next month, and not having moved any money since Neteller left, I'm trying to find out what site/method is going to be best to use.

If you could post a comment on my journal or email me (link is at my site), that'd be awesome. Or I can just check back.