Friday, May 25, 2007

I Played Poker Last Night...Wow

I had some fun yesterday at waffles expense with my post about the eye of the storm. I can understand the quandary he is in because there are times when this blog seems to get in the way. I try to post every day during the week but sometimes I just don’t have anything to say. It can be seen in the quality of writing that is put out, not that I have any quality. Anyway, I don’t think waffles will quit because he loves to rant to much.

I was lucky enough to play a little last night for a change. Softball has put a dent in poker time but that’s ok. The kids are more important. Anyway, I play in a Razz tourney and had a nice run. I was in the top 10 for much of the tourney but as the bets increased, so did the number of bring ins and pocket pairs. I went card dead for the longest time but stayed tight. I made a move with A34 and had the nut draw after 4th street but bricked the rest of the way to lose a large chunk of chips to a made 9. In my final had I was drawing to a 7 just like my opponent but he hit a lower number and I went home 1 off of the bubble.

I also 2 tabled HORSE for about an hour or so but spun my wheels for the most part. I was happy with the result because I caught no cards to speak of. I think the best I did was scoop a pot in Stud h/l when I hit the low and a straight on 7th street.

I’m gonna try and play tonight and if things go well I will. The rest of the weekend is out of the question. Softball E has a tourney on Saturday and we are heading to the lake after she is done. Sunday will be spent in the land of cheese. We will be fishing and turtle hunting for most of the day with maybe a bit of reading thrown in there for good measure. Monday morning will head back to Illinois to watch the Kane County Cougars play and eventually arrive home for the end of a long weekend.

That’s it. Have a great weekend and remember the veterans who died so we can play poker online even though we struggle to get money on the sites we play.

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