Monday, May 07, 2007

Friday Night Poker Night...Not

Friday night poker never got off the ground. I went to see Spiderman 3 instead and it was worth it. The story jumped around a little and the action was good but Peter Parker as a semi bad guy for part of the movie was messed up.

I did play one sng on Friday and took it down.

Saturday was picture day for the kids and their softball/baseball teams and being their coaches means lots of driving around. Throw in practice and we went non-stop for many hours. After we got home around 2:00 I mowed the lawn and sat back and relaxed for a while. I had changed poker night in my mind and was ready for a night of poker. Then we got a call from my buddy’s mom reminding us of his surprise 40th birthday party that was starting in an hour. So off we go and spend a night of drinking fun with an old friend. By the time we got home I jumped on the laptop for a bit but didn’t get any play in.

Sunday had confirmation for a friend’s son and then a birthday party with softball practice mixed into the bowl. When we got home I made my third attempt to play for the weekend after we got the kids to bed. I made the Razz tourney just in time and made a nice run to the final but didn’t make it deep enough for a good cash. I’ll take the 7th but top 3 would have been much better.

I also worked on the SNG Challenge a bit and got a 1st and a 2nd. To date I’m plus $150 over 14 sngs playing mostly $6.50 turbo sngs. That being said, I have 2 firsts and a second in the $12 turbos which is a majority of my positive gains. I’m very hot, cashing in 71% of the games I’ve played and getting a return of 141%. Lets hope that continues.

Monday at the Hoy takes place tonight so if you have the time take a chance for a big score. It’s on Full Tilt at 9:00 central and the password is hammer.

Tomorrow I’ll have a post about the frustrations of poker and how life is influenced by poker and vice versa. I think it’s a good read so check in tomorrow to see what I think.

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