Thursday, May 24, 2007

The Eye of the Storm

There is a storm brewing in the northeast. It has the potential of turning the blogging word up side down with the significance of its churning clouds and lighting bolts. The maelstrom will affect our live regardless of its final destination. The tempest is Waffles.

From his humble beginnings, he attempted to chronicle his poker-playing career in a lighthearted form that was funny and sad as he wrote of his successes as well as his bankroll dumping ways. He helped us to realize that we all tilt, some more then others, and by writing it down for us to read we come to understand that we all have issues from time to time. This is the early stages of the storm.

As time passed by the storm was fed by donkey play and old fashion fun. It grew into a steady downpour of rants and observations that entertained us. But the storm continued to grow. It fed off the daily ramblings and maniacal ravings of an online madman.

This typhoon is starting to gain more strength then it can handle. It has transformed from a place of reflection to, in essence, a parody of it’s origin. But now people call for the parody like a drug. They are addicted to the musings in a blog that has taken a life of its own. No longer is it a place to get a chuckle when we read about losing a buy-in or two. It has its own life.

This can all be summed up by on phrase that was created by The Clash.

I want double trouble.


Chad Carpenter (Yahoo IM: carchd) said...

Waffles is a tool box!

The Poker Enthusiast said...

I think he realizes that.