Monday, May 14, 2007

It's Been A While

It’s been a few days since I posted. Way to much stuff going on and no time for writing mediocre blog post on the internet. Anyway, I’ll try not to waste your time to much today.

I played the Mookie last Wednesday and made the points by great suckoutness. It started ok when I called a raise from late position with AQ. The flop was KK6 and one opponent checked while another made a ½ pot size bet. I cold called thinking that it was a standard continuation bet and that I could take it away on the turn or fold to more aggression. The other opponent folded and it is heads-up. The turn is a 10 and my opponent checks. I’m sure my call looked like a slow play so I made a less call me bet and he folded to get me to 2000 chips. I chipped up to 2300 when I called a raise with AK sooooooted and hit top pair vs. a short stack. I put him all-in and he folded. I hit a big hand a little later when it was folded to me in the SB. I held KJ and made a 3x raise to 180 and was called by the BB. The flop is J high and I make a ½ pot bet and call the BBs push for 600 more. He held 77 and I chip up to 3K.

At about this time the wheels start to come off. I had a nice stack and make a raise pre-flop with AT but I have to through it away to a push. I then make a steal attempt vs. Blinders who is trying to limp to the points. The problem was that the points bubble just broke and he woke up with a hand and I’m knocked down to 1300 chips. I got my chips back when I sucked out big time. I was in the SB when 2 players limped into the pot for 200 each. There is 700 in the pot and I push my 1400 into the middle to steal the limpers cash but something went right for me. Pushmonkey calls with AJ vs. my Q8 and I hit an 8 to double up. Then the end of my night came when I raised with T9, sooooooted hearts, from the SB. I hit a pair of 9s and the flush draw and bet out. Blinders pushed. I had to call with 14 outs but missed them all and his KK held up. I don’t mind this play because I did have a lot of outs regardless.

I also Played the Dookie HORSE tourney and made the final table but missed the money by a couple of spots.

Friday I played a few tourneys and no luck at all. The 26K was the biggest letdown. My big starting hands were missing flops and I bled chips because I got passive. I got them back eventually but never really got anything going.

I also played another MTT that saw me make a nice run. With about 150 players left I had a very nice stack and was ready to move up on the board when I get KK. When I win this hand I’ll be top ten in the tourney and on a run to the final table. I get my opponent to push his chips in the middle with pocket queens. I got knocked out in 145th place.

I did make some cash in another tourney but nothing to speak of. Hell, I don’t even remember what I was playing.

From that point on I did nothing but play cash games. Most of it was HORSE and I did well overall. Many of these HORSE players aren’t good at all of the games so I think I play these for a while. I think there is some money to be made.

As other things go, Softball Enthusiast won her game on Thursday. I didn’t get to see it but she didn’t give up any runs when she was pitched and she had a couple of hits. She also got hit on the back by a 50 mile an hour pitch for the first time. She shrugged it of and went to first base.

Speedy Enthusiast had a good game on Thursday but her team came up 1 run short in the end. They also played Saturday and they came up big and won by 12. She pitched very well in both games and is hit the ball with aggression. Its fun to watch them when they have confidence that can be seen from their body language. She is determined to do well and it shows.

Baseball Enthusiast had another t-ball game. He is taking this way to serious for a 5-year-old but at least I don’t have to teach him to compete.

That’s it for today. Have a great day.

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slb159 said...

I remember poking a guy in the championship of the rec-board 9-10 yo all stars. I whacked him good, right in the glasses...broke em and there was blood everywhere.

Some of the players and coaches from the other team though I was older than 10 since I was pretty tall at the time, but actually I wasn't even 10...haha...eff them.

We won 10-2, and my dad was the manager and had Queen's "We Are The Champions" played on the radio dedicated to the Ashley-Newtown baseball all star team. Awesome memory.