Wednesday, May 16, 2007

A Little HORSE

I played a little last night basically spun my wheels. I had a good start in a HORSE tourney but a series misfortunate events happened and I donked out in the middle of the pack. The killer was in stud when a guy chased a strairt draw until the end and caught. Before that I flopped trips with a pocket pair in Omaha hl and help the nut low only to be counterfeited on both at the river. I didn’t know it could happen but it did. Also played a cheap NL tourney and didn’t do very well. My good starting hands are missing flops and my pocket pairs are seeing over cards.

I also played some HORSE cash games and won back my buy-ins but not much more. The best part of the night was hitting quad 4s and having a guy with 3rd pair re-raise me. Overall I’m seeing that if you play tight the donkeys will pay you off. They pay no attention to the fact you have just folded the last 15 hands.

Speedy E and Baseball E both have games tonight so an evening of running around is in store. It also means that I won’t be playing the Mookie unless there is a great flood.

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