Tuesday, May 22, 2007


I’m doing a study of how temperature influences the dimensional results of our product. The specification tolerances are +- 50 microns which equates to +- 5% of a millimeter. The industry we are producing for needs these tolerances to make a quality product so I have to show the influence of temperature to our product. If things go well then we will be able to get an upgrade for our air handling in the clean room.

It looks like I’ll be missing another Mookie on Wednesday. That will be 3 in a row and I’ll also miss next week for sure because of a business trip so I’ll be Mookieless for a month. I guess I might as well forget about the BBT. The sad part is that I’ve played in less then 25 % of these tourneys and I’m still sitting just outside of the qualifying mark. Maybe I can get a sponsors exemption like has been golfers get in the PGA.

Yesterday I was sitting at my desk when the HR manager came by and asked me to interview a prospective Sales Engineer. I said “ Sure…get me a copy of his resume and I prepare some questions.” The guy was already on site and ready for the interview. Now I’m a very adaptable person but asking me to interview a guy 1 minute before the interview puts me in a tough spot. I worked my way through it and gave my input as required. I actually liked the fact that they wanted my input but I hope they give me a little notice next time around.

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