Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Wow My Nuts Hurt

Well the worm turned for the worse after having a terrible run on SNGs. I could go into the bad beats and donkish play but you already know how I play. It is amazing how you can play so well and lose time and time again. I had a run of 10 straight loses before winning one. The good thing is that if I take down any two of those ten then it is a break even session. I really think I played ok overall and just got smacked by the poker gods for posting some success.

One thing I did was get away from the game when I felt I was tilting. I was in game 10 of the bad run when I got a middle pair in early position. I made a raise and was called by one player and saw a flop that was not good. I made a continuation bet and was called. When the turn came I made another bet and was re-raised. I actually thought about calling when I knew I was behind. I laid the hand down but I realized I was trying to make chicken soup out of chicken shit. I finished the game and stepped away from the tables. I guess it was a good experience to identify the tilt coming on but the losses suck. I came back later and cashed in two straight and I’m mostly tilt free.


Baseball Enthusiast, my 5-year-old son, had his first game on Monday. It is so fun watching these little kids out there playing ball and being so into the game. Now in these games you don’t keep score but if you did you would keep it by counting the outs made by each team because almost everyone gets on base. On the first play of the game a player hit a ball at my son and he caught it on the fly. The next play some one hit it two the 2nd baseman who threw it to 1st and he caught it. And that was it for put outs in the game. He is my son for sure as he knows where to throw the ball and how to take the extra base.

Softball Enthusiast also had a game on Monday. It was only a few minutes away from my son’s game and we got there just as the game was starting because the other team arrived late. Anyway, the start of the game went well as the girls were fielding the ball well and making good throws. After 2 innings it was 1-1 and SE had one of two hits up to that point. In the third inning the other team scored 2 runs but it could have been worse. The bases were loaded with one out but a nice play by the left fielder stopped the bleeding before it got bad. But our girls came right back and took the lead and shut out the other team the rest of the way for an 8-3. SE was 2 for 2 but didn’t get a chance to pitch. I’m sure she’ll get to throw the ball when they play on Thursday.

Speedy Enthusiast has her first game on Wednesday and as one of her coaches, Mrs. Enthusiast is the other, we are excited about our team. We have 3 solid pitchers and will have a solid infield which is a must at this level. I know the kids are excited and tired of having practice all the time.

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