Thursday, May 03, 2007

The Mookie Last Night and the Riverchasers Tonight

I left my laptop at home so this is all from memory.

Well I made it to the points last night by getting the last point spot. Waffles would be proud of me. Anyway, I never did get a lot going last night as I was card dead most of the time but did chip up a little just before the points. When the point bubble broke I was sitting with 1800 chips and had a raise in front of me. This player had shown a few hands and I knew that I may be ahead with AJ even though it isn’t a premium hand so I pushed my stack into the middle and hoped for a fold. He had to pay 1150 to win the 2750 in the pot and would be left with 1500 if he calls and loses. After much thought he calls with pocket 4s and the race is on. I miss every thing and I go home in 37th place. I don’t mind the play that much because I think there is many players who may fold this hand to me and I didn’t mind the coin flip at this point in the tournament. Pressure poker backfired but I was sure I had outs.

Other then that last hand I was in survival mode all night. The premium hands I saw were AK one time and KK just before I got busted. Not the pathway to success I wanted but I was in a position to do well if I win the coin flip.

I also played a $5 MTT and made a nice run to the final 100 but got knocked out when pressure poker failed me again. I made a 4x pre flop raise with 33 from the SB and got heads up with the BB. The flop comes 3 three small hearts and I hold a heart so I make a pot size bet hoping to take it down but he pushes and I call with the few chips I have left. His 57 of hearts is golden and I go home.

With all this over by 10:30 or so I decide to play a couple of SNGs to work on my challenge. In the first event I doubled up early with pocket aces and then knock out a player on the next hand when my AK sooooooted holds up vs. AQ. He made a raise pre flop and I reraised to 75% of his stack. He pushed and I called to send him to the rail. I stayed out of the way for a while and ended up taking 2nd in the $12 turbo sng. With enough time to play one more I jumped back onto another one and proceeded to get nothing for the longest time. With 5 left I had 840 chips but there were two other short stacks and we kept the pressure on each other to survive the money bubble. I doubled through the big stack and then the 2nd stack doubled through the big stack and I’m in 2nd place. Two of the shorties were knocked out quick and we were in the money. I caught AK double through the big stack and all of a sudden I’m in 1st. When we got to heads up we were even in chips and we battled back and forth for 20 minutes before I took a big lead. As he worked hard to gain some ground I limped in with KK and he pushed with JQ. 10 seconds later I have the victory and a good end to the night.

So a couple more games for the challenge are out of the way and my results are still strong.

Tonight is the Riverchasers#9 event on Full Tilt so go and play. It starts at 8:00 I think and I’m hoping to play. Thursday isn’t a regular playing day for me but I’ll see if I can find the time to play.

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