Wednesday, May 23, 2007


An evening of freedom at the PE’s house. No games for a change but I did spend some time looking up information on The Great Lakes for Speedy E’s report that is due Thursday. We got it finished just in time for me to watch the Cubs game.

That was about it for me last night.

Tonight we have 2 games at the same time and I’m suppose to be coaching both of them. I think I’ll start with one and finish with the other. All I really have to do for Speedy E’s game is make the line-up. My other coaches can take over for me if I have to leave. I’m not really required to do much for Softball E’s team. I’m the pitching instructor and first base coach and it is understood that I won’t be there all the time.

It looks like I may be able to play the Mookie tonight if we can get home in time. It will be close because we are going out after the game for a bit of ice cream but I should be home in time. Regardless, you should play the Mookie on Full Tilt at 9:00 central time. The password is vegas1 and it will earn you the chance to be beat by donkey bloggers. There is also a 2nd chance event at 10:30 so you have a wonderful opportunity to mix it up with want to be poker players like my self.

Have a great day.

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jjok said...

hope 2 play 2nite.......

50/50 as of now