Friday, December 29, 2006

Non-creative Post About The Poker Enthusiast

I’m not the brightest star in the sky. This isn’t a funny analogy, it’s the truth. I have trouble with creativity at times and so I bring this post. I’m borrowing an idea from a few other bloggers who posted about the previous year so here it is.

I went through some of the post throughout since the beginning of The Poker Enthusiast and decided to bring a few of them back. I don’t know why I picked these. They are just some that I enjoyed either writing or rereading.

This is the story of meeting my wife

The daily home game I played at one of my jobs

A story on life’s passions

A road trip story

A Nemo reference

I just liked this one

A story from the past

A poker story

A response to CC

The Story of my termination

Dealing with my future

A story from my younger days

A rant

A poker ideal

A story from the past

The second installment

Another youth story

More poker ideals

My win at the Mookie

Some poker thoughts

A run at a big score

Something about my life

So there you have it. Have a Happy New Year everone.

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