Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Not as Good as I'd Like

This is a look at some recent results of my tournament game minus the Mookie win. I’m not sure what I’m seeing here other than I’ve played a few of these. I’m cashing in about 17% of these so I think this number is good but it appears to me that I’m holding on for a cash and leaving my self unable to get deep. More aggression earlier may lower the % of cashes I get but should allow me to get deeper.

I played 8 SNGs last night cashing in 5 of 8. Not to bad but at low stakes. I also played a token race that saw me knocked out when K10 is gold vs. my aces. I guess I can’t fold aces pre-flop, even in a token race.

In all I had Aces cracked by K10 and 86 on the night. Kings were also of no use as they got beat by 33 and A6 when the flop dropped a pair of 66s for my opponent. So I guess it could have been a really good night if my percentages hold up.

UB gave me $10 because I hadn’t played there in a long time. I gave it right back to them in a few hours of donkey poker. I do like the tourney structures but man do they take forever to finish.

I’ll probably grind some more SNGs tonight but I’m starting to think a week off might be good.

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