Friday, December 22, 2006

Happy Holidays and Poker

It is the Friday before Christmas and the office is dead. They gave the choice of taking today or Tuesday off from Christmas Eve so I took Tuesday. Anyway, I hope everyone out there has a wonderful holiday season.

Not a whole lot today. As you could see from my late night post I did well in the Riverchasers HORSE tourney last night. The thing that I n noticed is that while many of the players were decent hold’em players, many of them had no idea how to play the stud events. I made most of my chips playing RAZZ and STUD and held my own in the other games. I guess this makes sense considering so many players want to play the TV game and don’t realize how playing these other games will make them a better overall player. I believe that it would be dumb to ignore this fact and I will continue to play more RAZZ and HORSE tourneys to exploit this situation. Well exploit is a strong word coming from me so I guess I should say try to exploit.

I played a $1 sng last night to kill some time and played it aggressively. With 4 players left the SB made a move on my BB with a 3x raise. I had chips but I knew it was a steal so I pushed with my 47 off suit to get him to fold. He calls with K5. Great call buddy cuz the only person you’re ahead off is a bluffer. Anyway, I spike a 4 and a 7 and knock him to about 100 chips with my great hand. That but me in the money and where I got knocked out pushing with A4 and getting called by AQ. So, between my 2 games I made $1.45 after getting my buy-in back. It’s always about +EV.

I found this for JJ. It’s something he can look forward to in the future.

Again, Happy Holidays to everyone.

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