Friday, December 29, 2006

Another Final Table in Razz 2000K

I played the 2000K Razz tourney with Waffkes and we both went deep. Waffles got knocked in 12th after going KKK on 5, 6, 7th street and then seeing a guy hit runner runner to eliminate him. I on the other hand stayed alive with bad cards and doubled up at the right times to see the end. In the end I was card dead when I needed a hand and pushed all my chips inwith A3J. I was ahead until 7th street. I was a nice run but top 4 would have been nice.

I also did well in a HORSE tourney bubbling but playing well. The best part was hitting this.

There is nothing like scooping a pot in Stud hl and then add a straight flush. I got knocked out by another short stack when a call was being pot commited. 7th street knocks seem to happen in Razz and my made 8 lost to a 7 when he caught a 7.

I'm really liking these games and have hit the RAZZ cash tables with some success. I doubled up in a 20 minute session while playing with Waffles playing 2/4. I thought the play would be better but I saw a lot of chasing. I'm hoping this is the norm because I will clean up.

By the way, have a Happy New Year.

Also, I will be married for 14 years come Sunday. My wife and I got married on December 31, 1992, on New Years Eve.

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