Monday, December 18, 2006


One of the drawbacks of being a relatively honest person is walking through life with blinders on. One can’t imagine the low life deceptive but obvious attempts to defraud hard working Americans out of their money. A great example of this surfaced last night as I silently watched Kat make the money in her 5 + .50 tourney last night. FTPROMO1217 placed a chat message stating some promotion and I thought “cool” As I went through the prescribed actions I thought to my self “self, this is a transfer, not a promotion.”. And as I realized this was a scam I when to close the window and but low and behold I paid off the scam to the tune of $10. Immediately I contacted FT and informed them of the scam and their response was typical. They will investigate.

Now I know that I will be mocked for stupidity but I don’t want anyone else to be a moron like me. I don’t expect to g the money back and that’s fine. Life lesson learned.
I can hear Waffles laughing at me now as the KING OF RAZZ reads through his daily blogs.

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katitude said...

Don't feel took me a second after I clicked the cashier button to go hey..wait a minute! The red FT support text threw me off, which I guess is what they were counting on. Jo has a post up on Card Squad about it too.